10 Dog Walking Tips to Make Your Walks More Enjoyable

What are the best dog walking tips for a more enjoyable outing? There are many tips one can give, all are awesome but the fact is, it requires some practice/ training to get the best performance. 

When I was new in dog walking, it was very tough to maintain my dog. Then I realised some pinpoints that are useful while walking with my dog. Above all, for many years I have been using these while I am on a walk with my beloved. 

Yeah, it is true, you need some training before getting the best from your dog but most importantly, the most basic tip you should follow is never pull the leash and never yell at your dog, try to make an internal relationship. So let’s break down the most useful tips for more enjoyable walks. 

Dog walking tips

Dog Walking Tips to Make Your Walks More Enjoyable

First of all, when you provide everything your dog needs, it will be a great walk with your beloved friend for sure. Because it’s okay you love your dog, but is the dog loving you? So when you show care and love to your dog, he/she will be your best companion. Here I bring 10 dog walking tips for you that I practice while walking with my dog. Let have a look:

1. Use the Right Leash for Your Dog

Dog walking tips

Selecting a perfect leash is the very first thing to ensure. It is hard for the dogs to walk on a leash, so if you don’t use a perfect leash for your dog, as a result, it would be hard for you to handle your dog while walking. There are various leash types you can use, but remember one thing that you should go with the most comfortable one. Just don’t get confused with the leash types, yeah there are many, but one is obviously there for you that fits your dog.

In addition, while you are walking in a park where there isn’t much traffic or gathering, then you can use retractable leads. On the other hand, Chain leashes look very cool, but it can be tough to handle. So most people usually use leather leashes because of its lightweight.

2. Bring the Right Collar

Dog walking tips

It is very important to remember that a suitable collar is the most vital tool in dog walking. Choosing a leash and collar surely the basic dog walking tips for you. The leash and collar is the way you can communicate with your furry friend and the way your dog understands what you expect from him. Using the right collar can significantly ease your job. 

One thing I should share, collars and harnesses that clip on the back encourages your dog to pull. It is suggested to try switching to a front clip harness if your dog is pulling while walking. Don’t use a choke chain, slip collar, It will hurt the dog in the long run.

3. Never pull on the leash

dog walking girl

I have often seen people walking on the street and can’t tell who is jarking on the leash more! Remember that pulling or jerking doesn’t really teach any good to your dog. In fact, it can backfire, and you may encounter undesirable dog behavioural issues. 

If you are wondering why dogs are so dull sometimes and keep pulling, it is because they are just opposing any force against them. That is why people use head halters and chest clips, and that is work so well too! These tools provide pressure in places that make the dog want to walk slower. Another thing you can do when your dogs are jerking, you should simply stop walking but never pull, one your dog notices that there is no progress then he will stop pulling. So while I give someone dog walking tips I emphasise on this much. 

4. Offer Dog Some Treats

Offering treat while dog walking

This is one of the best practices. Apparently, the dog responds to food very well, and this weakness you can use while you train your dog and obviously useful while walking. Before you plan to walk with your dog, you can offer some food so that you can keep the dog convinced to walk and perform well. To have an enjoyable walk with your dog, you must bring some food as a reward. 

It is a best practice if you offer a treat to your dog for a certain command. Like when walking, you command your dog to sit or stop, if the dog does so, then he deserves a reward from you. Another tip for you that you should bring a high- value reward for your dog for a certain valuable command. But you shouldn’t offer high-value treats often because it will be common to your dog and he will not be responsive to it further.

5. Bring water for your dog

Water during dog walking

If you are planning to walk for more than 30 minutes on a hot summer day, you have to supply enough water for your dog. It is easy for a dog to heat up within a short time. So they can suffer without water while walking in the hot weather.  Dogs that drink during walking stay cooler and are able to burn glucose more efficiently. You can use a collapsible water bottle or use a container. 

The bottle with a lid is relatively easy for dogs to drink out. So you should ensure enough water supply for your dog. When you know your dog is comfortable walking with you, then nothing can be more lovable and enjoyable than this. 

6. Make Sure Proper Identification of your dog

Dog walking tips

You need dog walking tips for better experience then follow this one,this is simply the most important one. You are planning an enjoyable walk with your beloved dog, but he lost during a walk in the gathering. To have everything secure, you should provide proper identification for your dog. Whenever you leave the house for a walk, ensure that they are wearing ID tags. 

On the other hand, you can use a personalised collar with your phone number. It is smart to use a microchip for your dog, but be sure to register your information and keep it posted. As long as your information is valid, whoever finds your dog for a chip can get in touch easily.

7. Allow Your Dog For Sniffing

Dog sniffing while walking

You know when your dog is comfortable with you, he/she will perform their best. You love your dog, but the dog should love you too. I often see that people are just pulling out dogs from the sniffing. This is somewhat a bad practice. You should allow your dog for sniffing because it will help him to understand that walking with you is interesting and he will eventually love you. Walking is not just enjoyable but it also helps the dog’s mental stimulation. So don’t be rude always, build a friendly relationship with your dog, it will give you a lifetime sweet experience.

8. Take Some of His Favourite Toys

Dog playing while walk

This can really make your day and this is one of the best dog walking tips that I love to suggest to everyone. Dog with some of his loving toys can give you the most enjoyable time. I always consider taking toys for my dog while on a walk. For me, it is one of the best parts of being with my dog on an outing. When you bring the toys to your dog, it actually brings a strong sense of friendship to your dog. Even it is very helpful to train your dog with some commands such as “come in”, “sit” etc. Using toys can be useful to get our dog’s attention any time and you can eliminate some common dog behaviour problem.

9. Watch Out Hot Pavement

Dog walking tips

In the summer day, pavement is overheated and quite uncomfortable for dog walking. If you are planning an enjoyable walk with your dog, then watch out the sidewalks first. As I said earlier, dogs have less heat control than humans. You should check out the temperature of the day and the sidewalk’s heat. 

It is very easy to find out if the pavement is too hot or not. Just place your hand or foot on the pavement for seconds. If you feel this is too hot or uncomfortable, then it can be difficult for your dog to walk on. Even it can cause serious injury to your dog’s paws.

On a hot summer day, you can take your walk in the grass, just go to the park or walk in the woods. If your dog is comfortable with booties, you can use it to protect their paws. You can also take your walk in the morning before the sun went crazy.

10. Explore new routes

Explore new dog walking routes

Come on! Show the dog some new scenes and give him a chance to explore something exciting. When you are an interesting person, your dog will be an interesting one too. I often see that people always use the same routes. This is not even good for your dog, because it is not just walking, it is what that helps the mental stimulation of your dog. So don’t just stick to some places, switch your routes, you will see the difference at the end of the walk. Surely your dog will perform better, and it will give you a more enjoyable time on your next walk. 


In conclusion, I just want to say that these are my dog walking tips that you can practice with your dog for a better relationship or for starting a professional dog walking business.

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October 8, 2021

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