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7 Common Dog Behaviour Problems with Solutions

Do you love your dog? Oh, it is such a stupid question, I shouldn’t ask this way! But do you know what are the dog behaviour problems? If you love your dog, you should know. It’s important!

According to dog behaviourists, there are a big number of reasons that lead dogs to undesirable behaviours. 

Like you, I have a dog too, since I was 10. I just love being with my dog. But sometimes I encounter that they are behaving badly, they make me confused and worried, they performed like a stupid! So, I figured out the possible causes and applied various dog behaviour training methods to fix the problems. 

Sometimes it is hard to fix the problems easily, some dog behaviour problems are very creepy that are hard to identify and tough to fix. 

Common Dog Behaviour Problems with Solutions

dog behaviour problems

Today I have come up with 7 Common Dog Behaviour Problems with solutions that will surely help you to identify the problems and you can fix it by yourself. Give it a read and ensure your dog’s well-being. Here is my list:

1. Aggression

Dog behaviour problems

Whenever we hear the term “Aggression”, it reminds us of something very horrific. This is a very common behaviour, and you probably encounter this one too. The dog behaviourist says that aggression can be a complicated and dangerous problem as it can attack people. In all cases, I need to tell you that you should take immediate action to solve the problem. 

How to fix it

Remember that your beloved dog can be experiencing traumatic issues, poor socialisation, poor quality individual, physical problems and lack of proper care. You can solve by following these:

  • Desensitise to stimulation using only positives; remove from the situation if too stimulated and stop outside teasing.
  • Systematic socialisation with the help of professional trainers.
  • Don't reward fear behaviour.
  • Consult a veterinarian for a full physical workup.
  • Stop hitting and yelling.

2.Excessive Barking

Dog behaviour problems

Oh this is really annoying for you as well as for your neighbour, right? But don’t yell at your dog because he is experiencing something bad. This problem is so common that every owner has to face it. It can create a very disturbing situation for you, but you can solve it:

How to fix it

There are some possible reasons for excessive barking, such as breed characteristic, social isolation- boredom, outside stimulation, and being harassed. To fix the problem:

  • Teach him "speak" and "quiet" command
  • More exercise, reward quiet behaviour
  • Train trick behaviours
  • Keep inside, keep behind sight- proof dog fence.
  • Have patience and give them space and safety.

3. Chewing

Dog behaviour problems

One day you came home from work and found your shoes destroyed, have you ever met such a problem? Know that when your dog is facing any problems that cause excessive chewing. It is your duty to teach him with proper command. 

Canine Behaviour Course Level 4

Know your dog better
How to fix it

There are some possible cause such as inappropriate chew toys gives- shoes, towels, stuffed animals, separation anxiety- boredom, pleasant taste/smell, breed characteristic teething. You should follow as below:

    • Give toys that do not resemble household items. 

    • Use stress reduction ideas from separation anxiety handout

  • Supervise; confine, give ice cubes- give proper toys.
  • Clean spilt food/drink, use bad tasting booby traps.

4. Separation Anxiety

Dog behaviour problems

Leaving your dog alone at home or any other place where he isn’t comfortable creates anxiety problems, it is commonly known as separation anxiety. This is true that even for humans, leaving someone alone is hurting, so as dogs.

How to fix it

Your dog may be experiencing boredom, no bond to family, separation from the owner, being left alone and harassed outside, lack of friends. You can follow as below:

  • Make him more a part of the family
  • Don't hit and yell when finally caught.
  • Ensure his comfortable, safe place before he is left alone.
  • Supervise the relationship status between your dog and family members.
  • Spay or neuter dog, keep inside your house in a crate.

5. Stealing

Dog behaviour problems

Is your dog a thief? Oh no! You don’t even want to hear this question. It is all up to you to teach him the proper life-style and proper command for daily life. It seems funny sometimes that your dog steals his favourite food, but not always, and it can be a very bad practice for your dog in the long run. 

How to fix it

It happens when the dog is inadvertently rewarded, ate food, but you think it is funny, inappropriate toys- given and inappropriate games. You can follow as below:

  • Put food out of reach, set up booby traps
  • Ignore dog when they steal something
  • Reestablish household rules with family members
  • Do not hit or yell because it leads to bad output
  • Give toys that do not resemble household items
  • Stop playing games that encourage the dog to grab things from you
  • Teach Drop and take it command

6. Digging

Dog behaviour problems

One of the wired acts of a dog. Just imagine, you have just planted some gorgeous flowers, but suddenly you notice that your dog is digging and ruining the whole of your plan. It is totally undesirable, at least from your beloved dog. But the point is, your dog surely experiencing some issues.

How to fix it

Your dog digging maybe there is too hot or cold, nesting behaviours on females, attempt to escape, desire to mate, stress, inadvertently rewarded, breed characteristic. Follow as given:

  • Provide a warm or cool shady area, make it comfortable
  • Provide a nest or dog house with old blankets
  • Keep in escape-proof dog run, keep him inside
  • provide special toys like as stuffed KONGs or Cubes
  • Remove garbage or tasty plants
  • Put a fence where digging is not wanted
  • Teach dig and off command

7. Jumping on People

Dog behaviour problems

Maybe you love the act of your dog when he jumps at you to have a kiss or hug. The truth is that maybe this is precious for you, but it is not actually a good behaviour. You find it most adorable, but others will not appreciate it, because some have fear about the dog. So for ensuring other’s security or comfort, you should teach your beloved not to jump up at others.

How to fix it

The possible causes are maybe he is rewarded for doing it-petting, shoving, getting picked up, fed treats while jumping, urge to greet, mounting or socially- motivated controlling behaviour, social isolation. To solve it follow as below:

  • Don't pet or pick up while jumping
  • Do not feed unless all four paws are on the floor
  • Keep leash when guests come over
  • Teach "sit" command as a greeting
  • Spay or neuter early, provide strong guidance
  • Use time buffers and more exercise

Canine Behaviour Course Level 4

Know your dog better

If you are a dog owner like me, then you should know about your beloved’s activity, approach carefully, because your little puppy is the same as children. If you don’t guide them properly then they will make undesirable mistakes. Be patient about training your dog, don’t just yell or bit tries to understand him. There are plenty of methods to train your dog properly.

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October 8, 2021

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