How to Train a Dog Like the Professionals

Everybody loves to train their dog some mandatory and basic commands, but it is somewhat hard to prepare them accordingly. So are you wondering how to train a dog like the professionals? If yes, then you are in the right place to enhance your dog training skills.

Almost every day, I witness many of my friends and neighbours struggling with their dogs because they couldn’t train their dog correctly, and this is why dogs don’t response the commands accordingly. You may be facing this problem too!

However, firstly, you need to know that there are several dog training methods to train dogs properly. Today I am going to show you some easy training strategies that you can apply to your beloved dog.

How to Train a Dog Properly

Before we go further, I need to tell you that teaching your dog some basic commands is essential and most importantly, the command you are teaching your dog can make your life easier and enjoyable with your dog. So let’s see what I have got for you:

Teach Your Dog “Sit” Command

How to train a dog

Why should you teach your dog to sit? You may think that this is not so important, but the fact is, in some situation, this command will allow having control over your dog. It will help you to build human leadership and will be a great substitute for jumping up from lots of problems.

How to train a dog “Sit” command:

  • Find a personalised or quiet place to practice and bring the clicker and treat for your dog. Whenever the dog hits his bum on the ground, just click and treat. Feed him while he is sitting and then throw another treat to get him up. Continue this practice until you get it right.
  • Say “sit” as he begins to do so and click and treat. Now on you will give the treat for what you have cued.
  • Practice at least 5 minutes and do it twice a day by asking your dog to “sit” and track your progress.
  • Run around with your dog while squeaking a toy and then ask him to sit and click and treat.
  • Don’t get frustrated, do your job repeatedly, take a break and then try it again.

Train “Come” Command

Train your dog like a pro

Single most important command and this is the ultimate in safety cues! This is also a stunning way to direct your dog onto something else. So let’s see

How you can train your dog “Come” command:

  • Find a quiet place to train your dog and get your clicker and rewards. Place a treat on the floor for your dog to eat and walk some distance holding visible treat and then call your dog’s name and “come” command in a normal/happy voice. Click when he responses and begins to come to you. Reward him for his response.
  • Let’s fool your dog a bit! Start the practice again in the same way. Hold your hand as if you have some treat for him, but it will be empty. Click him for coming and reward him when he gets to you from your pocket. Repeat it 10 times and take a break.
  • Continue practising using empty-hand as above. You can use your hand as a sign for ” come” command and also you can only use a verbal sign for teaching this training.

Teach “Drop” It Command

Train a dog

If you have little puppies, you must know that they frequently have something valuable or dangerous in their mouths! Isn’t it right? So you should teach him “Drop it” command and the goal is that when you cue the word “Drop it”, your dog will open the mouth and release whatever in the mouth.

How you can train your dog “Drop it” command:

  • Get some items your dog like to chew on, clicker and some really good treats your dog likes the most.
  • Hold a piece of food ready in your other hand as you are encouraging him to chew on one of the objects. Whenever she has her mouth on to chew, put a piece of food close to her nose and command aloud “Drop it”. Click when she opens the mouth and get the food and pick up the item with your other hand. Give your dog the item again.
  • Try to get her to pick up the object again so that you can continue the practice, but remember that one your dog knows there are treats involved she may keep her mouth free for eating! In this case, you keep your treats handy throughout the day, and whenever you see her randomly pick up an item or toy, you can practice. Aim for 10 times a day.
  • After completing 10 repetitions, do the process again, but this time you won’t have any food in the hand that you put near her nose. So she will most likely drop the item anyway, and you can click and give the treat from your pocket or pouch.
  • Practice it with real-life items around that she enjoys but are not allowed, such as tissues, pens etc.

Teach “Stay” Command

This command is mandatory and teaching your dog “Stay” command is to remain your dog calm in different situations, such as running after other animal or jumping on the people etc. So teaching this command is crucial indeed.

How to teach “Stay” Command

  • Before start, you need to ensure that your dog has already mastered “Sit” command.
  • Open the palm of your hand in front of you and say to your dog “Stay”.
  • If your dog stays then take 2 steps back and reward the dog with a treat and affection.
  • Increase the number of steps you take slowly, and reward your dog for the effort, even if he stays just for a few seconds.

Establish “Potty training” routine

How to train a dog

This is the single most important training you should teach your dog. When you decide to buy a dog, remember that dogs’ digestive system works very quickly. So after 15-30 minutes of eating s/he will feel the need to urinate and defecate. That’s why you have to take him outdoor regularly.

How to Teach:

  • Ensure a place for your dog to relieve that seems and smells familiar and where he feels safe.
  • Take your dog outside every morning at the same time and place. He will get used to it faster. Also, take your dog outside after he wakes from a nap.
  • If you get angry at your dog he will get depressed and learn little. Use a friendly voice and keep patient when you train.
  • If your dog captures the training accordingly and successfully gone outside then give him a mandatory reward.
  • If you want to teach your dog something then it is important to establish a routine by taking him outside to the same area and at the same time.

Closing Note

Above all I discussed how to train a dog as the professionals do, I think now you know how to teach your dog some of the basic commands you need in regular life. I suggest everyone that train a dog is not easy indeed, it requires lots of time and patient. In conclusion, I should tell you that when you come to teach your dog any command, you need to understand his psychology and condition and if things aren’t working out accordingly just don’t be angry to your little companion.

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October 8, 2021

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