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Course Overview

Welcome to the Dog Training Diploma Course! This comprehensive program is designed to provide aspiring dog trainers with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in the field of dog training. Whether you are a dog lover looking to turn your passion into a rewarding career or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your skills, this course offers valuable insights into various aspects of dog training and behaviour.

One of the key benefits of this course is its focus on essential topics that are crucial for successful dog training. From understanding the right way to greet a dog to tackling separation anxiety, this course covers a wide range of subjects that are fundamental to building a strong foundation in dog training. By delving into these areas, you will learn how to create positive interactions between dogs and humans, address behavioural challenges, and provide effective solutions for common issues that dog owners face.

Another significant advantage of this course is its emphasis on dog training consultations with clients. Effective communication and collaboration with dog owners are essential skills for any dog trainer, and this course equips you with the knowledge and techniques to conduct productive consultations. You will learn how to assess the needs of both dogs and their owners, develop tailored training plans, and provide ongoing support to ensure long-term success.

Furthermore, this course goes beyond basic obedience training by exploring advanced concepts and techniques. From behavioural modification to off-leash training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in training dogs of different ages, breeds, and temperaments. By mastering these advanced techniques, you will be better prepared to tackle complex training scenarios and cater to the unique needs of diverse canine clients.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain knowledge and techniques to address separation anxiety in dogs, helping dog owners navigate and alleviate this common behavioural issue
  • Develop effective communication and consultation skills to conduct productive dog training consultations with clients, assessing their needs and providing tailored training plans
  • Make a positive impact on the lives of dogs and their owners by building strong bonds, promoting well-behaved behaviours, and fostering happy and harmonious relationships
  • Explore advanced concepts in dog training, expanding your repertoire and versatility as a dog trainer
  • Enhance your understanding of canine behaviour, enabling you to tailor training methods to suit different breeds, ages, and temperaments of dogs
  • Cultivate empathy and compassion towards dogs, ensuring ethical training practices that prioritize their well-being and welfare

Who is this Course for?

The Dog Training Diploma Course is certified by CPD Qualifications Standards, making it ideal for anyone trying to learn potential professional skills. The course is available for all students regardless of any academic background. No experience or qualification is required.

Why Should You Choose this Course
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After completing all the modules of the course, your learning will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice question exam. You can participate in the Mock Exam prior to commencing the course completion Final Exam.


Our Dog Training Diploma Course does not require any pre-knowledge to pursue the course. And it is compatible with any kind of device. You will get the same experience in learning whether you are using Windows, Mac, a smartphone or tablet. You can access the course materials with any kind of connection, from anywhere, without any limitation!

Career Path

Upon completion of the Dog Training Diploma Course, you will be well-prepared to embark on a rewarding career as a professional dog trainer. With a solid foundation in dog behaviour, advanced training techniques, and effective client consultation skills, you can establish your own dog training business, work at established training centres, or collaborate with animal shelters. As a qualified dog trainer, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of dogs and their owners, promoting well-behaved behaviours, fostering strong bonds, and creating harmonious relationships. This diploma course opens doors to a fulfilling career path where you can combine your passion for dogs with the joy of helping others.


Once you’ve successfully completed this course, you can obtain the Digital (PDF) Certificate for only £4.99. Also, you can have your printed certificate delivered by post for only £9.99 (FREE POSTAGE). With these affordable pricing on certificates, we’re also offering the PDF Transcript for £2.99. Also, you can have your printed transcript delivered by post for only £7.99 (FREE POSTAGE). All of our courses are fully accredited, providing you with up-to-date skills and knowledge and helping you to become more competent and effective in your chosen field. Our certifications have no expiry dates, although we do recommend that you renew them every 12 months.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction
Why Getting 2, 8 Week Old Parson Terrier Puppies Changed My Life And My Career! 00:03:00
Here’s What You’ll Get From This Course… 00:04:00
Module 02: Feeding Time - Aggression and Stealing Food
How To Communicate You’re In Charge During Feeding Time 00:10:00
How To Stop Food Aggression And Stealing Food 00:08:00
This Dog Is A Professional At Stealing Food, You’ll Be Amazed At What He Does! 00:04:00
Module 03: The Right Way to Greet a Dog
How You Greet Your Dog Says So Much More Than Hello – Here’s Why 00:12:00
It’s Not As Difficult As You May Think To Do And Makes The World Of Difference 00:05:00
Help! What Visitors Come Round And Get Jumped On? Here’s What To Do… 00:05:00
Here’s The Right Way For Guests To Enter Your Home And Stop Jumping Up 00:02:00
Module 04: Separation Anxiety
How To Stop Dogs Barking, Chewing, Panting And Pacing When Left Alone 00:13:00
The Time To Get This Right Is When They Are A Puppy – Here’s How To Do It 00:02:00
Can You Resolve Separation In Dogs Of All Ages? Yes! Here’s How… 00:02:00
Module 05: Dog Language - What They're Really Saying!
Is Your Dog Trying To Calm You Down?! Find Out Here… 00:09:00
This ONE Technique Works Like Magic With Numerous Unwanted Behaviours 00:10:00
The 3 F’s For Dogs And Top Tips 00:11:00
Module 06: The Answers To 10 Popular Dog Questions You Are Likely To Be Asked
Here’s The Answers To Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions Numbers 1 and 2 00:09:00
Here’s The Answers To Commonly Asked Dog Training Questions Numbers 3 and 4 00:09:00
Here’s The Answers To Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions Numbers 5 and 6 00:06:00
Here’s The Answers To Top Dog Training Questions 7 and 8 00:09:00
Here’s The Answers To Commonly Asked Dog Training Questions 9 and 10 00:08:00
Module 07: The Answers To 10 Common Puppy Training Questions That You'll Likely To Be Asked
Here’s The Answers To Commonly Asked Puppy Training Questions Numbers 1 and 2 00:10:00
Here’s The Answers To Popular Puppy Training Questions 3 and 4 00:05:00
Here’s The Answers To Common Puppy Training Questions Numbers 5 and 6 00:07:00
Here’s The Answers To Popular Puppy Training Questions Numbers 7 and 8 00:06:00
Here’ The Answers To Common Puppy Training Questions Numbers 9 and 10 00:09:00
Module 08: Dog Training Consultations With Clients
Someone Has Said Yes To A Dog Training Consultation With You – Here’s What To Do 00:09:00
Top Tips Of What To Include During Your Dog Training Consultation 00:14:00
**Bonus Video** A Demonstration Of A Real-Life Dog Training Consultation
**Bonus Video** A Demonstration Of A Real-Life Dog Training Consultation 00:22:00
Agreement Letters To Be Signed After The Consultation 00:06:00
How To Leave A Consultation On A High 00:02:00

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Simply amazing. Took few courses during my vacation and all were good. Online courses save time and money.

Charles A. Fischer


A care provides engaging courses at regular price, you can check. My overall experience okay. Beginners as well won’t find any problem to comprehend I believe.

Juana W. Lindley


Thanks a lot, easy courses and completed at my own pace. UX on this site is amazing!

Matthew L. Roberts


I found the courses very informative so far. A care is the first platform I am writing a review for. To the newbies- before taking an online course try to gather some info about the provider, a professional platform with top accreditation will be a good choice.

Susan J. Kalinowski


The final assessment is done today. theanimalcare.org is a useful site. Highly appreciating the exceptional content.

Renee W. Johnston


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